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   Our twofold purpose is to preserve and disseminate the history and heritage of our family, and to encourage friendship and communication between its far-flung members.







   The Kast family history was started in 1970 by my father, John Karl Kast.  At this time he compiled a brief one page typewritten document listing the origins of my mother's family, the Flizikowskis.  This paper listed 35 individuals with information on births, deaths and marriages, along with details of immigration and residence.  Perhaps inspired by the popular TV miniseries "Roots", he began research on his own family.  In 1979 he compiled a family tree of the descendants of his great-grandfather, Mathias Kast.  This tree listed 168 individuals, all descendants or married to descendants of Mathias.
   Several years ago, my brother Bob and I began to continue dad's research independently.  Although separated by 1,000 miles, we discovered that we were both working on the same project, and began to collaborate on our research.  Dad did his research the old fashioned way, with personal interviews, telephone calls and correspondence.  Bob and I worked with the benefit of the internet, and with this amazing resource we have begun to flesh out the bones of dad's original research.
   This website is the culmination of our efforts, but as we have discovered, the work never seems to end, and our research continues to this day.
--Bill Kast. April 2011


    If you are unfamiliar with this style of genealogy website, here are a few hints:

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   In order to protect the privacy of the living members of our family, all of the family members listed in this section of the website have passed on.  Anyone born after 1927 is assumed to be living unless a date of death is known.  Information on living members is restricted to family members and can be accessed by clicking on the "MEMBERS" link above.  This section is password protected.  Passwords are issued to family members by invitation. 
    If you wish to have any private information or images deleted from the private section, contact me and it will be removed. If you are a family member and did not receive an invitation, or if you are a legitimate genealogical researcher, email me at webmaster@kastfamilyhistory.com for a password.










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